Telecom Integration & EPBAX

EPABX and related telecom system presents Hi-tech emphasizes for a company in a low cost efficient model where you have 100% internal accessible features and save thousands of bucks per year in operator based calling in a closed user group. All key fittings subordinate offers accessible as Add On Cards get this new framework system and pick up your right to communicate effectively…today!

LAN Network implementation

Expertus Infotech, system implementation team guaranteed a smooth implementation of LAN network. Expertus facilitates startup companies with end to end networking solutions. To make more financially savvy system foundations, we aid them in decreasing the complexity, wastefulness and resoluteness of existing network designs. If your system surroundings are totally new or you are developing, we assist clients with offering integrated solutions related to LAN, IP Telephony, Wi-Fi, VOIP, VPN, MPLS or other Wireless solutions once forever.

Wifi Zones, Routers & Switches

We build CISCO Wi-Fi Zones using high end routers & switches, results your network system come to be more adaptable. Expertus implement best security on network devices with option to communicate with selected devices and in selected networks. We put years of reasonable experience behind each task, from site assessment and troubleshooting to CISCO consulting and implementation.

CCTV & IT Network Security

Expertus offers physical security to collaborate CCTV systems to enhance the physical security of a company. Expert team integrated security system with web-portals to extend a remote access to the party with premium installation services. With years of experience in the procurement of CCTV Live Remote Monitoring, our organization has turned into a family name in the IT business.

Computer Hardware

Expertus Infotech ranks the best hardware solutions in the region offers extensive computer hardware uphold services to corporates, offices and govt. departments, individuals & management staff of the Universities and institutes. Our experts are encountered with numerous marks of machines and peripherals, incorporating Apple Macintosh and Windows/Intel machines.

IPTV, Digital TV & Fibre Optics Systems

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a framework where a digital television service is broadcasted utilizing the Internet Protocol over a broadband system. It doesn’t requires a PC and software media player, just STB solve the purpose of digital decoding and display. Further STB set has unique characteristics of connectivity either through satellite or Fiber media. hrough box to unravel the pictures continuously. Fiber-optic communication is a system for transmitting data starting with one place then onto the next by sending beats of light through an optical filament. The light structures an electromagnetic bearer wave that is adjusted to convey data or information.

Call Conference & Recording Systems

There are numerous events when it may be essential to record your meeting call. This great feature permits individuals to listen to past meeting calls that they were not fit to go to. Large portions of our clients use recorded conference calls as training or sales information tools.